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Monday, December 27, 2010

Weird blow offs and other things

So, today, I was in a housing complex that had some homes owned by elder ladies (some probably in their 80's). One lady, probably over 80, looked at me and said, "OH, I'm an artist too,a COMMERCIAL artist" (we've heard this one before)...cue in me saying, "well, etc." and she says, "O, we're too old for that."

One nice lady said, "Oh, you sweet boy," which, despite my being 47, was very nice.

Two other very old women bought my book with a huge smile on their face and one said she was giving it to her grandkid.

I think it is very interesting how these different old women had such different takes on the totality of their lives, and I saw it like a prism telling me how they are in this stretch.

I sometimes wonder when an elderly person is a real sourpuss how they managed all through their lives with such an attitude. Is it just related to me, are they always that way? Did something change them when they were old?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Well, I have been remiss recently about writing posts, and I've been blanking a bit on cartoons, so, sorry about that. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and a merry new year!