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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The snow and the Cold are welcome travellers with me on my path.

To be honest, I don't mind walking in cold and snow. I find that after about 10 minutes, I'm pretty warm. after about 3 hours I start to tire, and my feet get a little cold, but other than that i'm ok. I grew up in a brutally cold area, with a lot of snow, at least for parts of my life, including stints in NYC, upstate NY, Chicago, Iowa and Massachussets (where I lived outside, in a tent, for four years in my early life). Once, out in the woods in Mass, I was first subject to two feet of snow , which encased my tent. Then, it started raining cats and dogs, which filled my tent with water! I Had to get up in a pouring rain and put on my jacket (which was wool, I also had some wool sweaters) which along with my other things was soaking wet, and walk over to the road, where a nice police officer gave me a ride to a local college where I spent the next three hours warming up in a lounge. The next day my stuff was frozen solid, so, I crashed on a friend's couch for three days, until the ice thawed a little. Then I pulled all my stuff up and took it to the laundry. The weather here is a.mild compared to those conditions (one night it was -34deg. in MA at night) and b.I live inside, and pay rent. Back then I lived outside for about 8 years straight, four of which working for Greenpeace. I figured I was young and strong, so, I would live "without" as much as possible. As a result, I was always seeing animals, talking with them, having staring contests with them, and listening to them late at night, all year round.

As those who read this know, I often live this way for a year or two at a time, in the old days working for non-profits to raise funds for them, and now as my own little cartoon business. I once figured out I've lived outside, or travelling, 12 of the last 22 years.

I really like Boulder, and this will be the second run of it when I'm done (which is coming up). Today I redid a building (every door) of students that I had been in 7 months ago, and actually did pretty well. I only ran into six folks that recognized me, and three or four of them bought either a page or book off me (again).

I really appreciate all the support everyone has given me in this project.

I'd also like to put out that I'm looking at this point for an animator who can help me with that part of this. My end goal, for those new to my world, is to have an animated site with all my jokes/cartoons even more developed.

At this point, commuting to Louisville, Lafayette and Gunbarrel are my immediate options. Maybe I will go to Golden sometimes as well. I've done well in the first two, and I'm sure I'll do fine in the others.

This job is really interesting, in that I often find myself staring at amazing landmarks, like the Flat irons from Baseline and 17, or the cherry creek resevoir, or some amazing looking tree, or some very interesting looking house. The best is when someone invites me in and I see an amazing living room. Figure, most folks have 30 folks, maybe, who visit, so, here I am, one of the few that gets to see this person's amazing place.