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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Judges have hard jobs

Whenever I read anything about judges, I get the sense that most folks don't like them. In fact, judges seem to have almost as low a place in the blogosphere as lawyers do.

The night went ok, made 36 in about 2 hours, spoke to a few very nice folks. two different people offered the possiblity of an "illustrator" job, but, I take all of that with a grain of salt. The first one seemed plausible, but the second was a classic sales blow off: first, she starts off with some compliment about how great I am, then she starts "asking for my card," and "if I do this as a professional," as if what I'm doing right there isn't as professional as it gets. Then, she starts implying that if I "give her my card," she's "needs an illustrator." I smile and comment that while I'm not denying the verismilitude of her offer, I make more money with 1 and 2 dollar pops for my signed copies than I have ever made from the endless "offers" I hear at doorways for jobs. She then says that my illustrations "aren't what she was looking for," I'm like "huh???" it's not like I'm opposed to offering up my cartoons for commercial use, but I was not offering them up for her project, whatever that was, so, the idea that they "wern't what she was looking for," seemed sort of goofball. Then, after all these compliments, her mentioning her own connections to the art community, she says she isn't going to buy anything. I had a hard time not laughing right there. The main reason I found it amusing was her nonsensical implication that if I gave her something for nothing, there might be something in it for me, which she then clearly kiboshed. I guess the thing that gets me in all this is not so much that she said no, but that I was selling something, she tried to get me to give it to her for some promise that she KNEW was a lie, and she KNEW she was not going to act on, yet she walks back into her home thinking she is an artist and is part of the art community. To me, that's a bit of a deception. She is not an "artist," but is instead a "producer of commercial art," and she has those sensibilities, which are NOT, at least imo, the thoughts or conceptions of a true artist.

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