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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A possible new slant on my cartooning.

I've discussed the idea before of the percolation of characters in my head, and also the need, I feel , to improve my overall cartooning skills in general. The Japanese have a word: Kaizen, which refers to a weekly meeting they have to find one thing to improve in their place of business. Recently I've been musing over the idea of changing the "nature" of my cartoons. Right now, the characters all talk in a standard way, and make either standard twists on vaudeville jokes or bad puns. Yet, I am desirous of creating surreal fantasy landscapes, to talk about current events in a way that is oblique but entertaining, and to have many more sequences devoted to movement and emotionally jarring/wrenching content. This is not to say I want to create any sort of unacceptableness...I am referring to wrenching in the sense of Peanuts. I am still flabbergastted by the depth of character Schulz gave his cartoon folk.

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  1. I think you should go for it, see how the folks like it. Why not?