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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whose losing what to whom?

The other day, I was walking on the mall, telling a friend about an amazing job I'd had, where I was well paid and helped people. Lo and behold, the owner of the company walks by. I see him, smile, we talk. He's with his beautiful daughter. He starts telling me about how he's friends with Stan Lee, how his daughter, who is truly a gorgeous woman, is going to be a film star, and how his life is going so great. Fine. I smile and enjoy his success. Later, he sends me and email, and says "stay in touch."

I respond, "it was a pleasure to work with you, although the job sucked. :-)." That's it. Here's the response:

"Unfortunately for you with all of your assumed blessings and responses, lose my number because you Still do not have the first clue as to what accounts for helping people. Go find yourself"

At first I was dumbfounded, hurt and confused. I thought about how this dude seemed so nice the day before, and how he was going to hook me up to Stan Lee. Then, I realized something. First off, I took an oath a few weeks ago to be "detached and amused" at everything. This was certainly a test. Second, the whole Stan Lee thing is poppycock. Not only would it have never panned out, but I doubt the bro would have even put in a good word for me if I cooked his supper every night. Third, I haven't seen this dude for years, he's been nowhere for me and the job ended when his incompetence got us raided by the federal government.

What was particularly odd was the whole Stan Lee thing. It was almost as if the Spirit was testing me with irony. Considering that this year I: a.oversaw the supply council at the Rainbow Gathering,b. made close to 30k for a buddy's family, c.gave away close to 2000 dollars in stuff to people this year, I think saying I "don't have a clue" seems sort of radical.

I will someday be wealthy, famous and loved by millions, but I still cry and weep for lost souls like the one I just described.


  1. I am confused... if it was an "amazing job" where you were well paid and helped people, why did you tell the guy the job sucked?

    Why didn't you tell him it was an amazing job?

  2. Well, the job was in a basement, a lot of the people in the job were shady, some with serious addictions and predilictions. It was long hours, about 9 a day, involving making a lot of phone calls. There was a sense of failure among about a third of the workers, and people either quit or got fired regularly. The job was reducing people's debt, and it entailed getting to know someone and his financial picture pretty well, which is hard if you aren't "on." Often it was impossible to help, or worse, I heard harsh tales of woe from old ladies and decrepit old men about not having electricity or running water. I helped many, but there were many others I was incapable of helping and it wore on you.