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Thursday, September 17, 2009

So far, Berkeley seems to Judge me well.

Well, Berkeley has been treating me well. I've made enough to enjoy life, and most folks have been very friendly. I was thinking I'd share different blow offs, since they can be pretty funny. The weirdest one in Berkeley so far: a man comes up to the door with a bird on his shoulder, looks at me with a forlorn look and says, "I can't help, my bird is sick."

Other good ones that I hear more regularly:
1.Oh, my daughter/son/cousin/best friend is an artist, I help him/her.
2.I'm working at home, and I haven't got ten seconds to look at your art.
3.(I love this one): "I'm out of work also." No, I'm not out of work: I create my own work and I make 15 bucks an hour.

I'll try to add more blow offs as I go along. :-)

unfortunately, I can't upload, even off the web, at this internet cafe. I will upload some images in the next few days at a Kinkos.

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