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Monday, March 15, 2010

Guess I was wrong: things got worse, and I'm ok!

So, last week I thought things couldn't get much worse, but I was wrong. I got pneumonia. I just spent five days resting in a hospital, coughing up blood and wondering when it was all going to end. My nursing staff was fantastic, and I just want to say that Alta-Bates nurses are the best! I've actually dealth with nurses my whole life, due to my asthmatic condition, and I can honestly say these doctors and RN's and aides are particularly pleasant. I found myself on the Oncology floor, and just want to once again thank them for their diligence, timeliness and service!

I think at this point, I am finally going to be getting better, but it was certainly no picnic walking door to door with a 102 fever selling 'toons last week, and my creative spunk is at a major low due to my health issues. I believe that I will soon be returning out east, as California has so much pollen that I have a hard time breathing even when I am fully healthy.

I'm Almost ready to start a new book of toons, but still inking in my other stuff, and I will post new toons in the next week or two.

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