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Friday, February 26, 2010

If things get worse, I'll be dead

Well, I went into SF, and worked the Noe Valley. Basically a disaster. 12 bucks in and out, 3.5 hours of travel, for 18 bucks. Not pretty. I guess I'm going to start retreading streets I've done in Berkeley, since the costs of travelling so far are enormous. Add to that that the houses in Noe Valley are all up very steep steps, it's like ascending a mountain. Considering my back, and the fact that I have a bad cold, life can't really get much worse. Oh well. Any suggestions are appreciated. I hate the idea of falling back on the state, but with all my health problems, not sure what else to do. I guess I could just sell toons on the street, but frankly, it doesn't seem professional enough. I do play instruments, but cartooning is my first love. If anyone knows any publishers/newspapers etc., please foward my cartoons to them and tell them how great I am!

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