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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things get rough as the economy and the social fabric unravel

Well, The last few days have been a bummer. Cops stopped me in two different towns, and I heard from multiple sources first and second hand from cops, that there is a crime wave going on, and that the city is reeling from a lot of house breakins. Of course, the irony is that while I'm stymied from working in towns like Alameda and San Leandro, the criminals don't care a whit, and won't be stopped. What do we expect when everyone in every house knows none of their neighbors, and 6 people are looking for every job (according to NPR). As an earlier post here indicated, there are dangerous elements in the city as a matter of course, and now they don't even have a job! I'm going to either start commuting to SF, where there is too much going on to bother an itinerant cartoonist, or maybe I will just start selling directly to the street.

This has NOT been a good week!

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