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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A commission job

Well, I made a piece for doorway customer for the back of his business card. It actually took a bit longer then I expected. Coming up with the ideas for how folks would look in the cartoon, what the effects of heat and cold were and the then actually putting it all down took a week of mental cogitating. While I was talking to the gentleman, he informed me that thermostats' symbol was not a thermometer (which I as a layman had incorrectly associated with a thermostat), but the letter "T," apparently the blueprint symbol for the device.

I sold it to him as an original, with a signature on paper, as opposed to scanning it, which, since I don't have the proper equipment, would not have been efficable in any case.

I'm hoping to get around to publishing cartoons again on this blog in the next week or so. As a traveller with little access to inexpensive scanning (it's a dollar a page at kinko's, on top of other costs for using equipment) I have to find opportune moments to do it. I have just met someone who might have a scanner, which will make this easier. As it is, I have been borrowing a scanner from a friend at the coffee shop I frequent, but he has lent it out to someone else for a bit. Also, my latest work is far more line intensive, and takes longer to ink in.

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