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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The artist breaks up with his girlfriend on a somewhat sour note, after a long string of dire events.

Well, it seemed inevitable with all the stuff I've recently been through that I might break up with my new girlfriend. It's hard keeping a relationship going in any case, never mind my transitory travelling situation. Added to that was that she was from another culture, and it was definitely getting harder all the time. I really love her though, and hope she is doing well. Probably what broke the camel's back was when I told her about how a highly misunderstood brother came up to my tent in the middle of the night, and was somewhat obstreperous. This following on the heels of my last post, might have been a bit too much. That dude, who I will call the King of Sweden, is trying to protect the forests on certain properties above Oakland, and keep them, in perpetuity, uninhabited from a legal standpoint. After confronting me, and realizing that I was cool and was a help, not a hinderance to his pursuits, he then went off to confront some other tent dwellers (I offered to help but he refused my aid) who were not as friendly, threatened him and apparently sicced a dog on him, as he had recieved a bite on his left calf. He showed this to me when he came back to my place. I consoled him for a few minutes, and concurred with him that, whatever the circumstances, the actions of the other folks was inappropriate. Anyway, that was all a little too much for my last girlfriend. :-(

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