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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vulture Culture and changes to the format

So, I've embarked on a new series of cartoons, based on the characters you are already familiar with but with a more surrealistic tone. I may be rehashing some of my older jokes in the newer cartoons, as I have begun to experiment heavily with backgrounds and motifs. The older cartoons here are basically vaudeville jokes that I rework into my characters and their situations, but what I'm really striving for is a more integrated experience, more like Peanuts or Pogo. The idea is to work the jokes into normal, ongoing conversations that are part of story arcs, like the newest one I have, a Tea Party with a bunch of allusions to our present situation, but that can also be read years from now and enjoyed for it's own sake, much like Alice in Wonderland itself was like that. I want to have different outings, with the animals not so much delivering punch lines as much as saying punch lines within the context of larger conversations. This is a truly trying part of this art, but I think I have a handle on it, and I have a lot of blue inked cartoons already produced with the new ideas. I'm a little behind financially, so I have not gone out and bought any inking pens in week or so, and my main pens have run out of ink. So, after I pay the cable bill, the medical bills and the food bills, sometime next week I'll buy some more pens.A good set of pens that do what I need runs around 15-18 dollars. I use Faber-Castell pens and a Staedtler non-photo blue to do the original layout.

Also, I have been reworking my vultures, and I'm shortening them. They are too tall right now, and it makes it hard to have them realistically perching on things like branches.

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