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Friday, April 1, 2011

Weird Money Day

The only way to describe yesterday was "weird money."

First, I made more then I have ever made on turf, ever, selling cartoons. My previous record was 115, and I made 117. Then, somehow, on my bike ride home, I lost around 30 bucks out of my pocket: a check for 20 and a ten. Totally Bogus! Then, finally, in a further twist, Someone gave me 20 via Pay Pal, showed me the transaction (it was 20), but, when I looked in my pay pal, it was only 15! I literally saw the 20.00 confirmation on the person's computer. I called Pay Pal to report it, since it's very odd.

All in all, even with my monetary disaster, I did very well last night, thx for supporting me.

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