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Friday, May 20, 2011

Long time working

Today I had an 'incident.' I was at this door, sort of tired, and this nice looking dude, with an "artist" wife, does not even call her to the door, he says instead (after telling me his wife is "also" an artist) that he's not interested because he and his wife have been working on their dinner a "long time." I just had to laugh. As I walked away, the guy yelled after me: "you don't have to be patronizing." I was almost going to say: "look up that word in the dictionary," but I thought better of it. From my biased perspective, him telling me he "appreciated" my work (though he hadn't looked at it) and not at least letting his wife know I was at the door was about as patronizing as it gets, and also denied his wife the ability to personally blow me off or enjoy my existence. My thoughts: the dude is a shmoe, and he'll eventually break his wife's heart with his lousy decisions. ;-)

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