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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Neighborhoods are strangely similar sometimes

I've discovered that different neighborhoods have different auras. sometimes these auras are based on the side of the street, but usually they tend also to encompass courts and circles as well. For example, say a street has several inset courts that have 8-10 houses each. In one court, everyone will be dour, unhappy, mean-spirited and dismissive, while just one court over, everyone is smiling, joyous, giving and embracing! I have literally gone through one court, gotten totally dissed, and insulted, while at the next court, every doorway gave me five to 10 dollars and I walked away from those houses with 60 bucks after 15 minutes of walking and talking.

Today I was in a trophy wife neighborhood: literally every house was inhabited by a 20-30 something couple with three cars, they all looked like they had stepped out of GQ and Vogue magazine, and yet...they were all embittered. It was funny. They probably didn't even know it! The gals all had dour looks and almost all of them used the specific phrase "I'm not interested." If you read my blog, you know I hear many "repeat" phrases depending on the neighborhood, and I'm actually happiest with this response, so, all day long, I was sort of happy hearing "I'm not interested." At least these folks are up front when they don't want stuff! However, SOoo many people were "uninterested" in this neighborhood that I could not help suspecting that that was a phrase that was used a little TOO often in those houses. ;-) Most neighborhoods are mixes of "super beautiful" people and everybody else, but it's sort of funny dealing with gaggles of them, unhappy in their lives and marriages, frittering away their hours in plastic houses and pretending to be happy, all the while missing out on life's real gems, too busy to meet strangers, too important to have time to serve Elijah some wine. Meanwhile, their less attractive and poorer townsfolk are by percentage (from my perspective) MUCH happier, as are their neighborhoods, and people come to the door with a SMILE for strangers, not fear, dismissiveness or derision. Honestly, it is rare in MOST neighborhoods for parents with kids to not at least LOOK at my work, that of a roving cartoonist! In this neighborhood, THEY COULDN'T BE BOTHERED. LOL. And they think they are living! They are the walking dead!

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