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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doing doors

I'm ok with doing doors, it's my job. But I often blow off certain doors. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a bit of a racist, because I often blow off doors whose outside exterior makes the folks inside look either chinese or black, and I don't do well with those groups overall. I'm not saying that some folks from those groups don't buy my art, but overall, these two ethnic groups, at least in this city, are hard to communicate with as a door to door artist. The chinese often don't speak english, and the blacks are very suspicious. I'm NOT saying that all blacks are like this, nor am I saying that there are no suspicious whites, what I AM saying is that these two groups have a disproportionate amount of either suspicion or non-english. Even the hispanics can usually speak a little english, but not being able to speak it makes communicating very difficult. If I see the markings of a probably non english speaker asian, or a house that is surrounded by detritus in a poor neighborhood, with a big iron gate on the door, I will avoid it.

I also avoid, among other things:

Angry dogs in yards,
steep stairs,
people talking outside their house to others,
Old people watching tv next to walkers,
Houses where I can hear the baby crying,
Houses where I can SEE the folks eating dinner,
Houses where there is a dinner party of some sort,
Musical recitals/practice,
Ominous looking apartment buildings,
Long walk driveways,
Hard to figure out front gates,
Dark houses at night,

and a few other things.

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