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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Artists among us

Some more of the "who's an artist?" and what does that mean philosophizing:

The other day, I came up to one door, and the lady says, "I already have two graphic designers in the family." That's awesome. At this point, these folks in the family actually recognize they are not "artists," but instead "designers," yet the grandmother does not understand the distinction! She is confused and thinks that I am a "graphic designer." No...I am an artist. I create not only my own designs, but, I create content. In my mind, "design" is a dead, non-expressive form of communication, which is defined by creating imagery, in almost all cases for someone else's ideas.

Along the same lines, one fellow told me that he wasn't "comfortable" supporting an artist he "didn't have a relationship with." Well, ok, but, from my perspective, this creates a great deal of classicism in art. Why? Because "having a relationship" demands being in the same social circles as said patron, and that is dependent on a host of economic and social forces. How can I "have a relationship" with, for example, a nuclear scientist that spends most of his days working on higher math? Or with a plumber who lives in Sacramento? Or with folks that make 100 times my income working for IBM? Will they invite me to their parties? Probably not. No, I think that art demands support irregardless of the "social dynamic."

More toons soon!

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