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Friday, January 8, 2010

Fear in different districts

Something that I think is sort of amusing is the attitude folks have about "criminals" in the different neighborhoods.

For example, when I knock on doors in the "ghetto," or "lower income, dangerous youth" areas, a lot of the doors are not only gated, but there is a second outside front step gate, with an inside lock. You have to pass through three doors to get into the house. Often the response from behind the door is an acerbic "Who is it?" like it's the tax man coming to an old Still in the south. It's a very "you git off my land" kind of tone. I begin to tell them about my art and they mostly say, from inside, "not interested," and it's over.

Meanwhile, in the upper middle class districts, the situation is so much more "amusing." I come up to doors, and little old ladies blithely open the door, scowl at me and say, "I don't open the door for strangers at this time of night." Then they look at me imperiously, as if I'm a criminal, and they have "seen" through me, and then they shut the door without another word and lock the door. This sort of behavior just shows, at least in my mind, the delusional need of the upper class, in some cases at least, to believe that they are "living dangerously," when, in fact, they don't even understand fear, as those in fear DON'T OPEN THEIR DOORS TO STRANGERS.

What these upper middle classers are living in is ANGER at being disturbed, and, rather then just saying, "no, I don't like cartoons," instead they turn it into some sort of "dangerous" situation, despite the fact that their door is wide open, a large stranger is standing there smiling, and they are being dehumanizing and insulting to them and nothing is occurring.

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