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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good luck saves me in a pinch

AS I've written about before, I used to hear "good luck" so much that it became profoundly painful to hear, and I turned it around by always wishing everyone else good luck. Sure, sometimes I'm like "good hell," but still, I do sincerely mean it (as in, I hope that, in hell, you figure things out and get special dispensation to finally enter heaven.). Today, that helped, since, after getting pissed off by the cold, and the apparent situation, i spun around a bit abruptly and said, "good luck," as I always do, at every door. The immediate result was an angry fellow chasing after me, haranguing me about my manners, and generally humbling me a little (though some of the things he yelled at me were hurtful and said in ignorance at the time). I maintained my calm, but also explained my feelings of value and being devalued. I stayed true to what I believe is a zen nature, and reminded him when he grabbed my property that he was taking advantage of my good nature. Eventually, as I was leaving, he called to me, and I thought, "I must always respect the customer," and so I turned around. We talked some more, and I apologized for causing him personal grief. I had, indeed, spun around somewhat abruptly, yet, I also remembered to wish him "good luck." He then bought a book from me, which, I have to admit, was unexpected. We shook hands. If only the world could resolve it's difficulties so easily.

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