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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Berkeley Hills are nice

I saw some of the coolest views of the bay today, looking through the upper middle class's windows today on the top of the East Bay Hills. Most of them were quite nice of those that were home, and two of the college kids and I talked about medicine, and it's effects on sobriety. A very interesting conversation.

One dude said the oddest thing. "I'm sorry, I can't help, but I do pity you," he said, as if commiserating with me. "Pity me," I smirked as I responded back, "I make 25 an hour doing this." (well, that's sometimes...mostly I make about 17 an hour, though today I made 14, but why not get hyperbolic in such a situation, eh?) I think that sort of floored him. It's sometimes hard for folks to put their head around the idea that i'm in my own business, selling my own stuff, making about what other folks make an hour. The irony of this was that this gentleman was overweight, in a mishapen sort of way, to be generous he was not very attractive, and he dressed like a baboon!

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