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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Well, mission failure but with it, new possibilities

I scouted out Santa Cruz, only to find that the town is sealed off from campers. I could have camped way out, but it seemed like too much of a struggle, so, I'm continuing to reside in the Berkeley hills until May, or until something else comes up.

I'm considering creating a new business, loosely based on what I'm doing now, but that would help local businesses as well. I will keep folks posted.

New toons soon, presently I'm in the process of inking a new set of drawings.

Something else interesting about Brisbane: most houses sport an inverted pentagram star. I wasn't there long enough to hear the story as to how they came to be the town symbol.

Thx to Jim and Emily for their hospitality, and thank you Brisbane for being so nice a town!

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