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Monday, November 9, 2009

Daylight savings is really weird

Aside from the fact that it get's dark really early, the whole Daylight savings thing really alters my time frame in the job. I worked today in off hours (2:30 to 4:50), when most folks aren't home. I still managed to come out with 27, or 13.50 an hours, so, not too bad.

This brings me to another thought I've been intending to mention. That is the concept of "missed doorways." I sort of got into this job, at least in part, because I have a bad leg, and usually can't walk for more then two or three hours before my sciatic starts acting up. As a result of this, I often skip certain doorways, because either the stairs are too high, or there is too long a walk down a driveway. I figure, I'm my own boss, so, i don't have to contact every person in every doorway, although I do feel like I'm denying those folks access to my work, but, i figure a neighbor might tell them.

Being on the road, sometimes i fall behind in inking my work, so, please forgive me for not getting more out quicker, but, if you want to see some of my older stuff, you can email me and I'll let you look at it.

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